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Mind Uganda is a registered Community Based Organization (CBO) providing Formal Primary Education and physical well-being of Ugandan children who have been orphaned due to various inopportune circumstances that have befallen the nation of Uganda over the last several decades. We also provide these children with the basic necessities such as food, shelter, scholastic materials and clothings. We help them escape from a cycle of poverty. We empower them to become responsible people who will take care of them selves in future.

Mind Uganda runs a nursery and a primary school in kawempe division 4kms from Kampala on Bombo road. The project supports over 120 children who receive education and other basic needs from the school.

Besides the above services, Mind Uganda also handles a number of various activities like; Vocational trainning in tailoring and bakery,    HIV/AIDS outreach programs, poverty eradication programs among youth and some adults, environmental conservation programs, adolscence sexual education programs, peer to peer canselling and guidance programs among other activities as seen in our what we do page.

The organisation was started in 2007 by Mr. Biryomuriwe Gad in the picture above as founder and director and later joined by Ms. Birungi Jemimah,Asaasira Genuine,  Kafeero.K. Stephen, Tasingika Irene, Tusiime Lillian, Barigye Ivan, Rwakozyo Solomon and Muhoozi Erisa as member volunteers.  
 The children in our care, some are total orphans without any parent, others with single parents, guardians, while others have parents but too poor to manage school requirements and other basic needs. Mind Uganda therefore, is obliged to solicit sponsorship for the affected children. Professionally, Mr. Stephen is a trained teacher. This training has quite an influence in the running of the school/orphanage.

It is mind Uganda that works to raise the support and the supplies inform of sponsorship for the project. Gad and his team of volunteers visit the school regularly, however with a fall back on a strong and committed volunteer staff as portrayed in the image above with the head teacher in the centre dressed in a black suit fourth from right and bursar in white and black second from right among other staff members standing there.

Kawempe Standard Junior School
P. O. Box 27519 Kampala (U)
(+256) 784 478566 (+256) 700 519242
E-mail: gadbiryo@gmail.com www.mindvolunteers.cfsites.org